Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries can arise from an automobile, truck or motorcycle accident, gunshot wounds, falls, or other events. A brain injured person may have suffered a concussion or struck his head on an object such as a windshield or rear view mirror of a vehicle.

Sometimes, however, seemingly minor injuries such as a bump to the head or a fender bender can actually be major events with permanent closed-head injury that necessitate lifetime care and treatment. Symptoms that can be related to a closed-head brain injury include loss of short-term memory, personality changes, mood swings, the inability to multi-task, depression, difficulty processing information, loss of energy, balance issues, double vision, the inability to find the right words to communicate, speech problems, difficulty sleeping, and post-concussion syndrome.

Many physicians and attorneys do not always recognize the symptoms and complexities of brain injuries and litigation of these cases. Our attorneys have successfully handled numerous traumatic brain injury cases throughout Virginia. We are experienced in the medical and legal issues involved with closed-head brain injuries, so that we may assist you in maximizing your recovery.

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