Divorce and Domestic Relations

Divorce. The breakup of a marriage or a dispute over custody is often the most traumatic and anxiety-ridden experience one can endure. Knowing your legal rights can help to ease the stress of a divorce, however. Attorney Wegman will help to restore your confidence. Mr. Wegman knows when and how to negotiate divorce matters and when and how to litigate a divorce.

Attorney Wegman handles all family law matters, including:

property division
child support
spousal support
tracing of separate property

Virginia permits a divorce only in a few instances; that is, when certain grounds are met.  Living separate and apart, mental and physical cruelty, abandonment, and adultery are a few grounds of divorce.  Adultery must be pled in a divorce case with particularity.  In other words, it is vital to know the specifics of an alleged adultery case or that ground of divorce will fail.  

Hiring a private investigator is often recommended to obtain evidence proving adultery which could be beneficial to one's divorce case. 


Attorney Wegman finds great joy in assisting families with adoptions. The typical scenario is a step-parent adoption. Adoptions can be daunting. Attorney Wegman has a wealth of experience in family law matters, including adoptions, and has been responsible for the happy legal union of many children with their new parent. If you are thinking about an adoption, you should call for a family law appointment.

Child Support

Occasionally, family law clients pay too much child support considering their financial situation. Family law clients can be delinquent on child support. As a result family law clients can be hounded by the Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE). DCSE has the authority to suspend the drivers license of a person in arrears. Judges can also incarcerate a person in arrears on child support.

Attorney Wegman also assists family law clients to obtain child support. Attorney Wegman has done many family law cases ranging from getting full relief for clients who were $50,000 in arrears to getting serious reductions. Attorney Wegman has also ensured that single parents receive the child support he or she deserves.

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