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A former JAG Officer, Attorney Wegman (former LCDR Wegman) is a force to be reckoned with. Attorney Wegman rarely takes no for an answer and plows forward to see that your military rights are protected. The real advantage of having a civilian attorney (former JAG Attorney) working for you is he no longer has to be concerned about his own military career. This means Attorney Wegman's only focus is YOU! He will not be intimidated by rank or position.

Attorney Wegman follows the guiding principles of fairness, integrity, and honor. Attorney Wegman has seen that  decision-makers (Convening Authorities) often do what’s in their best interests, not yours. Too often, decisions affecting your military career and military retirement are guided by the Convening Authorities’' desire to cover their own butts, and that is putting it gently. Someone has to stand up to them, and former JAG Attorney Wegman has done so and will continue to do so.  Attorney Wegman has done all military law cases with resounding success.
A graduate of the Naval Justice School in 1996, and assigned as a Coast Guard Trial Counsel and a Defense Counsel at Naval Legal Service Office ("NLSO") Mid-Lant, the nations largest NLSO, Attorney Wegman has represented members of the Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps.

Wegman Law handles a variety of military law matters, including the following:

- Initial Review Officer hearings
- Article 32s
- General and Special Courts-martial
- Administrative Discharge Boards
- Boards of Inquiry
- Article 15 (NJP) advice and appeals
- Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act advice.
- Physical Disability Evaluation Board Appeals

Attorney Wegman handles enlisted administrative discharge/separation boards. He has a style all his own. His bluntness (or non-PC) demeanor is well-suited to the military law forum where BLUF, or bottom line up front, is often the order of the day. Attorney Wegman is willing to take chances most attorneys won't take. He demands members to apply commonsense, which is a rare commodity just about anywhere today, even in the military law setting.        
Attorney Wegman also understands how a civilian conviction can affect a military career. It is well known, for example, that a drug charge or even a DUI can be the "kiss of death" for a military career.

Whether one is facing a civilian charge, charges by the military, or both, it is vital to seek a civilian attorney who speaks the language of civilian courts and military law.

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