Criminal Defense Attorney

Have you been charged with a criminal offense?  If so, we are the law firm to call.  Our law firm expertly handles a variety of Criminal Law cases, including the following:

- Felonies
- Criminal Misdemeanors
- Sentence Modifications
- Bond Hearings
- Probation Violation Hearings
- Violations of Good Behavior
- Criminal Appeals to the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court
- Criminal Records Expungements

Attorney Wegman has practiced criminal law for over nineteen years.  He has served as a JAG Officer, where he has handled hundreds of criminal courts-martial and administrative law cases, and he has served as a Special Assistant United States Attorney, where he has prosecuted a variety of both felony and misdemeanor cases.

Surprisingly, Mr. Wegman knows how randomly people select attorneys. People often assume that all attorneys are the same. Many go with the lowest price attorney. Others choose law firm names they recognize, or who have practiced in an area the longest. Attorney Wegman knows this because after people get shafted, they finally ask for referrals and end up being sent to him. 

One's choice of attorney often means the difference between a criminal conviction and an acquittal. Many people have paid their criminal defense attorneys a lot of money and unfortunately got little in return.

No attorneys can guarantee an outcome, and if they do -- run the other way.

A defense attorney's zealous advocacy, negotiating skills, and passion make a tremendous difference in the nature and/or duration of any criminal punishment. Preparation and attention-to-detail are the hallmark of an effective attorney. Knowledge of the law is crucial. Mr. Wegman strives to be the best prepared attorney in the courtroom.

Post-trial matters, such as appeals, sentence modifications and probation violation hearings can be equally important in maximizing one's personal freedom. The attorney you hire to represent you should know the courts, the judges, and prosecutors. Only then can you can you get a fair assessment of what you face in court.

As basic as this sounds, Mr. Wegman will also return your phone calls in a timely manner and keep you completely apprised of your case. He is one of only a handful of attorneys who will give you his cell phone number and encourage you to call any time day or night for emergencies, or just because you need peace-of-mind.

Attorney Wegman has been named one of the Best 3 criminal defense attorneys in Chesapeake.

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