Probation Violation Cases

Probation Violation Cases

Statistically, a very high percentage of the jail and prison population is made up of probation violators.

One of the most common misconceptions is that for every year a probationer is on probation, a year is wiped off his or her suspended sentence.  Not true.  The amount of the suspended sentence stays the exact same unless or until the probationer is taken off probation. 

In Virginia, probation is usually imposed for an indeterminate period of time, but as long as a person complies in every way, the burden of probation becomes less and less until the person is finally taken off probation. 

The important thing to remember is that no one is off probation until a judge signs an order taking him or her off probation.  When in doubt, report to the probation officer.

DO NOT leave a voice message saying you cannot make your meeting and think you are good to go. Speak to someone and above all DOCUMENT everything.  Get the name of the person with whom you spoke, record the time, and the first chance you get go the probation office.  DO NOT assume anything, and DO NOT take anything for granted. 

Terms and Conditions of Probation

Probationers generally sign 11 conditions of probation. These include the following summarized as follows:

* Don't commit a new crime
* Report a new charge to the probation officer within 3 days
* Be truth, cooperative, and report as instructed
* Get and keep a job
* Don't leave the state or relocate without permission.
* Don't abscond from supervision. 

Every now and then special conditions are added to cover things like restitution, drug testing, alcohol use, or to complete a certain program. 

Attorney Wegman has extensive experience handling probation violation cases. His advocacy is second to none.  Whether a probation violator is seeking a bond, reinstatement, a minimal jail sentence, or some alternative disposition such as program, Attorney Wegman can help. 

Call Attorney Wegman at 757.482.5205 for a free consultation if you have violated probation or know someone who has. 

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