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Criminal Defense, Speeding and Reckless Driving Lawyer

Wegman law is a Chesapeake Attorney practice specializing in criminal defense and military law. We are also  experienced traffic lawyers, defending Reckless Driving, DUI and DWI, and Speeding charges.

During his career as a criminal defense attorney, Attorney Wegman has handled criminal cases involving: illegal drug possession/distribution, sexual assault/rape, larceny, and probation violation.

Mr. Wegman’s family law / domestic relations legal services include: contested and uncontested divorces, child custody, child support, adoptions and domestic assault and battery criminal law cases. 

Attorney Wegman has been a lawyer for over nineteen years, mostly in the criminal defense, traffic offenses, DUI, and military defense areas. He served as a JAG Attorney, handling hundreds of Coast Guard, and Navy courts-martial and administrative separation/discharge board cases. As a Special Assistant United States Attorney, he prosecuted cases occurring on Navy and Coast Guard installations.

Attorney Wegman handles estate planning issues, including Wills, Powers of Attorney, Advance Medical Directives (Living Wills), and probate matters.  

Litigation is Attorney Wegman’s strong suit. From civil contracts, landlord/tenant disputes, criminal or traffic matters, if you decide your legal case needs to go to court, Mr. Wegman is the lawyer with the experience and skills you want by your side.  

Attorney Wegman is a tough criminal defense lawyer, domestic, and civil litigator. He provides legal advice on a range of legal matters, such as:

Attorney Wegman knows all of the probation officers, the prosecutors, and judges, and can often resolve legal issues before they get out of control.

Areas of Legal Expertise

Administrative Disciplinary Boards and Hearings
Assault and Battery
Auto Accidents
Article’s Advice
Boards of Inquiries
Child Custody
Child Support
Court Martial
Criminal Law
Domestic Violence
Dog Bites
Drug Crimes
Employment Law
Environmental Law
Estate Planning
Family Law
Head and Spinal Injuries
Juvenile Offenses
Military Law
Natural Disaster
Nursing Home Abuse
Parole and Probation
Personal Injury
Premarital Agreements
Railroad Accidents
Reckless Driving
Sexual Abuse
Sexual Assaults
Slip and Fall
Spousal Support
Suspended License
Traffic Violation
Trucking Accidents
Trusts and Estates
Uniform Code of Military Justice
Unmarried Couples
Visitation Rights
Weapons Charges
Wrongful Death

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